Working Principle of Vacuum Sealer

Bacteria that in the packs with no air will result in a process of decomposition that will run for a long time. If in a few days the food starts rotten or stale, then with this tool, food can be more durable and stay fresh longer, also depend on the type of food. Visit and find out the best vacuum sealer.

Vacuum Sealer is a machine used in packaging products, especially in food. This tool has a working principle by absorbing air in the packaging, which will produce in a process that called oxidized, the oxygen will be pressed in a way that existing bacteria will take a longer time to breeding or even struggle to live long.

Vacuuming or can be said to spend or suck the air in the product packaging is the initial process of vacuum sealer. The next step, each side of the plastic packaging tip is glued and the packing is tightly closed. You have to make sure that the packaging is really tight and there is no air gap.